The Shamaniac Movement at Sassafras, Ruigoord 12 July 2014

Kiki Toao & Rombout will be playing a 7 hour DJ set for The Shamaniac Movement in ‘Het Kabouterhuis’ at Sassafras, Ruigoord in Amsterdam on Saturday 12 July 2014.
Psychedelic rock – krautrock – postrock – wave & more

More (oldschool house) music performances in Ruigoord’s church by:

Quazar (live)
Fred & Martijn

VJ Vera Tan

Ruigoord 76
1047 HH Amsterdam
22:00 – 8:00
Entrance 15 euro

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Hit n Run Soundsystem presents Contrast

Saturday March 15

Our good friends from Hit’n’Run have invited us to play at their opening night at the Worm in Rotterdam, so expect Hardcore & Oldskool Breakbeats from us to compliment the whole night of the harder genre’s out there with a crazy and uncompromising mix of Breakbeats, Oldskool, Neurofunk, Tekno, Breakcore, Gabber, Idm, Acid, Drum’n’Bass and Hardcore…

The line-up’s for the 2 rooms:
-Johnny Sideways Live (UK)
-Rombout & Kiki Toao (Breakbeat set)
-Staas Lucassen & Paul Laurens
-Skulpt Live (Moichido & Emission)
-Evasive Maneuvers
-Stefan ZMK (Breakcore set)
-Greg D
-Producer 118
-Jacob Inhuman

Location: Worm, Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
Entrance = Donation 18+
Facebook Event page

Contrast rdam 2014 voorContrast rdam 2014 achter


The Shamaniac Movement

We started up a new project for our shamanistic and psychedelic music interests:

The Shamaniac Movement

A blog for starters, and hopefully you will find us somewhere playing real soon.
Stay tuned!

Visit our website here:

Please like us here:


Urban Resort – Nieuwjaars Borrel

Thursday 16 January

New Years reception from Urban Resort and opening/presentation of the new cafe.

Speeches, Live music and a after party, all to welcome a new and fruitful new year for the Urban Resort at the ACTA location and the opening of the new cafe that will be run and managed by the owners of Pand 14.

  • Jaap Draaisma & Duco Stadig
  • Emmelie Zipson
  • Hogenhuis Trio
  • Curious Behaviour
  • Vinske Silva
  • Rombout & Kiki Toao
  • Magic Tools
  • Boaz Constructies

Urban resort ACTA – Louwesweg1, Amsterdam from 16:30-23:00

Acta opening jan 2014


Anders & Nieuw – Private New Years party

Tuesday 31 December

With the richness of tradition and the promise of tomorrow 2013 and 2014 are tying the knot … time to celebrate!

The grand night will be at The Bajesdorp Deltoid Yacht Club and offers all essential elements of fun and comfort like bubbles, camp-fire-works, survival snacks, more booze, festive lighting, at least 3 areas packed with entertainment and friends, 1 non-smoking outdoor area, espressi by Lady Gaggia, different surprises, perhaps no karaoke, and too much more to mention.

Music & entertainment by: Herr Arter, Kiki Toao & Rombout, Foxy Roxy, Dj Flamingo, Ramchez, Robotfunk, Audioboy & Quartier Mustache

anders en nieuw NY 2013


Defuse Records special Christmas edition

Thursday 26 December

This Christmas is going to be one big happy Defuse Records radio show with a line up of label artists, dj’s and friends… streamed live to your living room!

Start 15:00 till we run out of jingle bells…

Diablo (NED)
Juriaan (NED)
Gino Lightner (USA)
Kiki Toao (NED)
Rombout (NED)
Jon Billick USA)
Brian Morse USA)
Die Welle (NED)
Rubzman (NED)
Kreed (UK)
Dave Mech (NED)
Andy Clarke (UK)

Pure Radio live link & Pure Radio chatroom

Defuse christmas flyer


Midnight Market

Friday 29 November – Midnight Market at Toren

A wonderful new concept at a great new location, the Midnight Market is a night with second hand clothes, records and more where you can sell your homemade things, find support for your crowd funding plans, do workshops or just dance to our selection of fine tunes!

Location is Toren (the old Shell building) at Overhoeksplein 1 in Amsterdam, open from 23:00-4:00 and the entrance is Free!

midnight market 2
Grotere kaart weergeven


Fri 8 Nov – Rollerdisco at Pand 14

Bring your skates for a rolling disco session on the one and only rotating dancefloor of Amsterdam, Pand 14 that is.
Kiki Toao and Rombout will be playing their favorite disco tunes, from pre-millennium tear-jerkers to futuristic ear-damage.

Entrance is 10 euros, place to be:
Pand 14
Muntbergweg 14, Amsterdam

Rollerdisco Pand 14 8 Nov 2013